Bárbara is an Argentinian independent filmmaker and an animation director, raised and based in Buenos Aires. Her alma mater is UBA, she graduated as an Image and Sound Designer. She also studied Documentary Filmmaking at UBA and different multimedia design courses. Her works toured many festivals around the world, like Berlinale, Ottawa International Animation Festival and Premios Quirino, and were awarded nationally and internationally, including Martín Fierro for Best Series. Currently, she is developing an animated short film, an animated series and projects that involve new technologies, VR and videogames.


She is also the director and founder of the Bit Bang Animation, Video Games and Digital Art Festival, which takes place every year in Buenos Aires, since 2015. 

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Reelout Queer Film Festival Pink Screens (Kingston, Canada, 2021). Best Short Film.
Die Seriale (Giessen, Germany, 2019). Best Series.
Martín Fierro Digital (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018). Best Digital Fiction.
APA Lab (Córdoba, Argentina, 2018). MIFA Short Film.
Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018). Web Series.
BAWEBFEST (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019). Best Iberoamerican Series.
Fondo Argentino de Desarrollo Cultural y Creativo del Ministerio de Cultura (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017)
UBA Awards (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016). Best Digital Productions.
ATVC (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016). Best Educational Series.

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GLAS Animation (Berkeley, United States, 2021)
Videonale (Bonn, Germany, 2021)
Laboratorio Animado (Argentina, 2020)
Light Box Expo (Los Angeles, United States, 2020)
VENTANA SUR | Rompiendo moldes, formatos disruptivos (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019)
IDAC | Homenaje a la Animación Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019)
Museo del Humor (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019)
BAWEBFEST (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019)
Anima Latina (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018)
El Ventilador (Santa Fe, Argentina, 2018)
Cine Bajo las estrellas (Córdoba, Argentina, 2018)

GLAS Animation
Anima Latina
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